Keystone Waterproofing, Inc. - Preservation Through Restoration
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Masonry Restoration Experts

We at KEYSTONE WATERPROOFING are extremely proud of our excellent reputation in all areas of masonry restoration and above-grade waterproofing. Since 1903, our previously family-owned business has transformed itself from a company of bricklayers and masons to a company well known throughout the industry as masonry restoration experts.
With a very professional and personalized approach, Keystone has successfully taken this business into the highly specialized field of restoration and protection of masonry and concrete structures.
Our company is dedicated to projects involving masonry cleaning, repointing, and recaulking, as well as replacing brick, stone and terra cotta. As our name suggests, we also specialize in applications of water repellents and coatings. Keystone is experienced in a variety of settings including Historic Buildings, Educational, Religious, Healthcare and Government Structures plus Commercial and Residential projects.
We at KEYSTONE take pride in the fact we are growing to meet the needs of our customers in a full range of restoration services while maintaining a high quality of workmanship and integrity. Combining over 100 years of experience with all the latest restoration techniques and products, we at KEYSTONE feel confident in our ability to serve you.
Our team of restoration experts will work with you from evaluation through completion. We operate competitively in the mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio. In addition, Keystone’s highly respected reputation has earned us invitations beyond our regular service area.

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